"Without Music, Life would be a mistake"

I woke at 4:30 am… and my first thought was of you…

I won’t smoke in the library or even on the bus, but for god sake please, let me have one in the pub.

FUCK the smoking ban!

Who do you fink blew up the towers, cause I gotta tell ya, I’ve heard some stories. What started off as a conspiracy, now makes a lot of sense to me. And maybe it was an inside job, done by the people sitting at the top. So that they could get more control, of the everyday man on american soil…

love listening to beanz on toast when I’m in open minded moods!

Need to talk to someone… but the time difference makes it impossible to have a real conversation :/

you’ve no idea how happy and excited I get when you reply…

someone Anon me something


That’s my Snapchat everybody, send me something!

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